General Information

Bulky Item Pickup 

Old couches, TVs, mattresses and even toilets strewn on the curb make our city look dirty. And discarding your bulky items in the right of way is also illegal - it can result in a fine up to $1,000.

It's easy to keep our city clean. Just call Athens Services and schedule an appointment and they will come pick up your bulky item for free. There's no excuse, #DontTrashSG!

Call Athens Services at 888.336.6100.

2018 Clean-up Day

Abandoned Shopping Carts 

Reporting Stray Shopping Carts

Please help us keep San Gabriel beautiful by reporting shopping carts that are being taken from shopping centers and left on nearby streets and sidewalks. Stray carts can cause accidents and create an unattractive and blighted appearance in the community.

To report a stray cart, call West Coast Shopping Cart Service at (888) 787-2278 twenty-four hours a day or report online by Clicking Here. The operator will send a crew to remove the cart from the street.

Graffiti AbatementDocumentThe City’s Response to Graffiti

In 2003, the City recognized the need for a proactive graffiti abatement program. To address the graffiti problem, the city contracted with a professional graffiti contractor to abate graffiti on private property. The contractor surveys the city and removes graffiti when it is observed. The contractor has color matching capabilities and a guaranteed 24-48 hour response time. An effort is made to remove vulgar and profane graffiti from private property within two hours of it being reported.

Graffiti in the public right of way is removed by the City’s Public Works Division. Public property consists of City of San Gabriel street lights, traffic signs, street signs, directional signs, park facilities and equipment, city buildings, and sidewalks. Graffiti is a crime that can lead to a misdemeanor conviction or in some cases a felony conviction.

Reporting Graffiti 

To report graffiti on private property, call the City’s Graffiti Hotline at (800) 794-7384. To report graffiti on public property such as utility poles and streets signs, contact Public Works at (626) 308-2825.

Home Repair Assistance 

If you have received a notice of violation from the city instructing you to make repairs to your home or you are in need of assistance with home repairs the city has a resource for you. Neighborhood Housing Services of Los Angeles (NHS) offers assistance to homeowners unable to make needed repairs to their homes. If you are in need of assistance please visit NHS online at or call them at (213) 381-2862.