Crime Statistics

Adult Arrest Report

The arrest report reflects adult arrests made by officers of the San Gabriel Police Department. All juvenile arrests are considered private records by state law and cannot be posted. This page updates daily.
Click here for the arrest log. (Refresh your webpage for updated report)

Part I Crime Statistics for June 2016

The statistics shown below are meant to provide you with a short-term indication of activity in your community. It is solely provided for the purpose of focusing on ways for you to prevent crimes from occurring in your area. By being informed, the San Gabriel Police Department and your neighbors can help minimize crime in the City of San Gabriel.

   Reported Crimes
 This Year to Date
Last Year to Date
Homicide 0 0 0
Rape 0 2 1
Robbery 5 19 20
Assaults 12 80 95
Burglary 10 100 55
Larcenies 36 201 208
Motor Vehicle Theft
5 32 49
Arson 0 1 3