Citizen Ride-Along Program


Ride-Along Program 

It is the policy of the San Gabriel Police Department to encourage interested citizens to familiarize themselves with the facilities, equipment and operations of this Department by riding as observers in patrol cars. 

The following criteria has been established for the Ride-A-Long Program:

  1. Adult observers may be scheduled to ride any evening between 6 p.m. and midnight or during the day watch on weekends.
  2. Observers ages 16 and 17 years of age may be scheduled the same as adults with the exception that on nights prior to school days, the rides will end at 10:00 p.m.
  3. Female observers must be accompanied by at least one other observer, male or female.This will provide an added measure of safety in the event the observers must be put out of the car when the officer is responding to an extremely hazardous situation such as a shooting incident in progress or a riot.
  4. A criminal records check will be run on all Ride-Along applicants.This is a necessary safeguard for both the community and the officers involved.
  5. Observers should be clean and neat in appearance and attire.Casual business wear is appropriate.
  6. All observers must sign liability waivers prior to riding.Observers under 18 years of age must have their waivers signed by a parent or guardian.The signature must be witnessed by a member of the Police Department or be notarized, should this be more convenient for the parents or guardians.
  7. Observers will be under the control of the officer during the Ride-Along and may not leave the patrol car at the scene of police activity without permission.No cameras or recorders will be permitted.
  8. All Ride-Alongs must live or work within the City boundaries or attend San Gabriel or Gabrielino High Schools.
  9. Police Officer applicants and students of criminal justice or related fields will be considered for Ride-Along subject to the discretion of the Ride-Along Program Coordinator.

For further information or to schedule a Ride-Along

Contact the Administrative Services Bureau

(626) 308-2843

or Email: RG112@SGPD.COM