Vacation House Checks

In the event you are leaving to go on vacation, San Gabriel Police Department will provide a residential check during your absence. Our officers assist by visiting your home while you are away and performing a perimeter check of all doors and windows as time permits. To request this service, call 626-308-2828. You will be asked the following questions:

• Your name, address, and telephone number

• The dates you are leaving and returning

• The names of anyone having a key to your property

• Whether or not you expect a cleaning service or gardeners while you are away

• Are your lights on timers?

• Do you have an alarm?

• What vehicles will be parked in the drive-way?

• A local contact person to notify in case of an emergency, cell phone preferred.

Vacation House Check cannot be performed for a business, apartment, vacant home, a home listed for sale, or if someone is staying overnight at the residence during the specified dates. If you return home earlier than expected, be sure to call the station and let us know.