School Safety Tips



The San Gabriel Police Department would like to remind everyone that with most schools in the San Gabriel Unified School District resuming sessions on Wednesday August 17th, and with the volume of pedestrian traffic around schools increasing dramatically, all commuters are urged to follow the laws of the road in an effort to prevent avoidable accidents: 

All drivers are reminded to: 

- Yield the right of way to pedestrians in marked or unmarked crosswalks 

- Not overtake and pass a vehicle(s) stopped ahead of you when it has stopped for a pedestrian 

- Yield the right of way to pedestrians on sidewalks 

- Obey posted speed limits 

- Never drive while distracted – (examples: using a cell phone, reading, applying make-up, etc.) 

- Stop and remain stopped for school buses with “flashing red lights” 

- opposing traffic must also stop unless a painted or raised divider separates the roadway 

- Watch and obey Crossing Guards … they are there to protect children!

It is equally important for pedestrians and parents to also follow the rules of the road: 

Pedestrians are reminded to:

- Yield to vehicles on the roadway if you are outside the crosswalk 

- Not cross between intersections controlled by traffic signals (to do so would constitute jaywalking) 

Parents are reminded to: 

- Obey all parking signs/curb markings 

- they are designed to protect children and provide optimum traffic flow 

- Do not double park; it interrupts the flow of traffic and makes it difficult to for pedestrians to see oncoming traffic 

- Follow school drop off procedures and always drop your child off on the curbside of the school 

- Teach your child to always cross the street at a crosswalk 

The San Gabriel Police Department is committed to pedestrian and motorist safety and traffic laws will be strictly enforced at and around our schools! For further information, please contact the San Gabriel Police Department’s Traffic Section at (626) 308-2899. School and Community Engagement Team may also be reached at (626) 451-5452