Parking Policy and Permits

Overnight Parking Policy

Overnight Parking Policy

Only vehicles with a parking permit are allowed to be parked on San Gabriel city streets between 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m.

Types of Vehicle Allowed

Only passenger vehicles and light trucks registered with a California license plate are allowed to park on the City's streets. All other vehicles including RVs, trailers, commercial trucks, or any vehicles with any advertisement on them are not permitted to park on the street whether or not they have purchased a permit.

Types of Parking Permits

Six-month and one-year parking permits are available for purchase. 

Temporary parking permits are available at 24-hour self-serve permit kiosks


Parking citations may be paid online or by mail. You may also contest your citation


For questions regarding overnight parking permits, please call the Finance Department at (626) 308-2812.

For questions regarding parking citations or street parking regulations, please call San Gabriel Police Department at (626) 308-2828.