Frequently Asked Questions

Provided below are some frequently asked questions in regards to Neighborhood Improvement Services.

1. What are common code enforcement violations that may be investigated?

Neighborhood Improvement Services enforces sections of the San Gabriel Municipal Code, California Building Code, California Health & Safety Code, and the International Property Maintenance Code to name a few. Violations may consist of: overgrown vegetation, abandoned vehicles on private property, green pools, construction without permits, converted garages, unsafe housing conditions, general nuisances, lawn parking, commercial signage, and zoning violations.

2. How do I report a code enforcement violation?

You can contact Neighborhood Improvement Services using several methods.

  • Submit an online complaint by clicking here.
  • Contact a NIS Officer directly by phone or email by using the staff directory.
  • Visiting City Hall at the Community Development Department counter.
  • Mail a letter or information to 425 S. Mission Dr. San Gabriel, CA 91776

3. When can trash containers be curbside for collection?

Trash containers may be set curbside for collection no earlier than 6:00 PM the day before collection and must be removed from public view by 8:00 PM on the day of collection. Placing the trash containers in public view beyond this time frame is a violation and can be reported.

Example: Trash day is Monday, the trash containers can be placed curbside no earlier than 6:00 PM Sunday evening and removed from public view by 8:00 PM Monday evening. 

4. What are the hours of construction?

Construction may be done during the hours listed below. Depending on the scope of work, you may need a permit. Do not hesitate to contact the Building Department at (626) 308-2806 Monday-Friday to inquire about the work you plan on doing. 

  • Monday-Friday 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM
  • Saturday 8:00 AM- 4:00 PM
  • No construction on Sundays and designated holidays.

5. Are there restrictions on short-term renting?

Short-term rentals (anything less than 30 days) are prohibited in all residential zones of San Gabriel. This includes nightly or weekly rentals of a room, structure, or entire house. Residential hotels are prohibited. Please contact NIS if you would like to report a short-term rental or residential hotel. See SGMC Chapter 153 relating to Residential Zones and their requirements.

6. Why did I receive a "Notice of Violation" in the mail or on my door?

A notice of violation is an official warning relating to a violation of a local or State code. Follow the instruction on the letter regarding abatement and contact the NIS Officer who issued the notice. Failure to correct the violation or contact the NIS Officer may result in administrative citations being issued and legal action.

7. What are the penalties for violating an enforceable code section?

Our goal is to educate our residents and the public and gain voluntary compliance. In circumstances where there is a failure to correct the violation, administrative penalties may be imposed. Penalties depend on the type of violation and what code is involved. General violations like property nuisances may be issued administrative citations for $100.00, $200.00, and $500.00. For building and safety violations and public works violations, administrative citations may be issued for $100.00, $500.00, and $1,000.00. Some violation like illegal dumping are misdemeanors and punishable by up to $1,000.00 fine and up to 6 months in jail. 

8. I received an administrative citation, what do I do?

When an administrative citation is issued by Neighborhood Improvement Services staff, you will need to pay or appeal the administrative citation within 15 days from the date the citation was issued. You can appeal the citation at or call 1-800-989-2058. In addition, if you do not abate the violation by the new deadline, you may receive addition administrative citations. If you would like to appeal the citation, you will need to mail a written request to appeal AND pay the citation via phone, online, or by mail; all before the deadline. You may obtain the request to appeal form here.

Mail to:

City of San Gabriel

C/O Citation Processing Center

P.O. BOX 7275

Newport Beach, CA 92658-7275

9. How do I get rid of my bulky items?

If you need to get rid of bulky items like furniture, please Athen's Services at 1-888-336-6100 to schedule a bulky item pick-up. Residential customers and multi-family buildings like apartment complexes are able to have two bulky items pick-up PER week for free. Each addition item in the same week is a $25.00 charge for pick-up. Athen's also does electronic (e-waste) pick-ups twice a year for free and $25.00 per additional item. Please remember that even if you schedule a pick-up, you can only place the item(s) out curbside 24 hours in advance or less. 

10. I received a red door hanger on my door or on items in front of my house, what do i need to do?

The red door hanger is for illegal dumping. It contains information on how to get rid of bulky items legally by calling Athen's Services. If you did not place the items in front of your property, we ask if you can contact Athen's and request a pick-up for the item(s). Property owners are responsible for the conditions in front of their house, including the parkway.

11. Why did I receive a warning or citation for parking in the front yard or the front area of my property?

If you received a warning or citation from San Gabriel Parking Enforcement and your vehicle was on your private property in the the front area of the lot, this is prohibited. Vehicles can only park in a garage or driveway. It is illegal to cover your front yard with concrete and/or pavers without Planning Department approval. Vehicles parking on the grass, illegally added concrete and pavers are subject to warnings and citations.