Historic Preservation



On May 15, 2018, please join us at the regular meeting of the City Council (6:30 PM in City Council Chambers) as we celebrate Historic Preservation Month and additionally recognize award-winning Historic Preservation and Cultural Resource Ordinance update.  Information about Historic Preservation Month can be found on the National Trust for Historic Preservation website. 

NEWS - City Receives Award From Los Angeles Conservancy (May 1, 2018)

The Community Development Department is pleased to announce the receipt of an award from the Los Angeles Conservancy for the City of San Gabriel’s Historic Preservation and Cultural Resource Ordinance update.  On Wednesday, Councilmembers Juli Costanzo and Denise Menchaca, former City Manager Steven A. Preston, and Community Development Department staff attended the awards ceremony at the Millennium Biltmore hotel in downtown Los Angeles.  The Ordinance was recognized alongside the Freehand Hotel, the Glendale Central Library, the Lankershim Depot, the Rose Bowl, the Salkin and Silvertop homes, and the Gilmore Gas Station.  

The Los Angeles Conservancy is a member-based nonprofit organization devoted to preserving the architectural and cultural history of Los Angeles County, formed in the 1978.  The Conservancy works through advocacy and education to raise awareness to find solutions for endangered historic resources. 

Historic Preservation and Cultural Resource Ordinance

In 2017, the San Gabriel City Council adopted the updated Historic Preservation and Cultural Resource Ordinance.  You can review the City Council 2nd reading staff report and Ordinance by clicking here.  The Ordinance contains the procedures for designating and maintaining historic properties and establishes the duties and responsibilities of the Historic Preservation and Cultural Resource Commission.  The City is currently preparing a Request for Proposals (RFP) for preparation of a Historic Context Report, which documents the history of San Gabriel's built environment and identifies periods of significance over the course of San Gabriel's history.  This RFP is expected to be released in May 2018.  

Los Angeles Conservancy Report Card

In 2014, the Los Angeles Conservancy released a County-wide Preservation Report Card, which gave San Gabriel a grade of B.  City staff anticipates this grade to improve when the next report card is issued in light of the updated Ordinance.  Click here to learn more about the report card for San Gabriel.          

Mills Act Information

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