Plan Review Services

Plan review is required for additions, remodels, tenant improvements and all new construction. The Building and Safety Department is committed to providing timely and professional review of plans and documents for all building permit applications to assure that the proposed work complies with all state and local codes and requirements.


The review of plans for permit issuance may take place in one of the following ways:

Over-the-Counter (OTC) Plan Review:

  • OTC plan review is limited to projects that are not complex and are small in scope-of-work that can be reviewed within approximately 30 minutes. Such projects include patio covers, minor field revisions and minor residential remodels.
  • OTC Hours: Please call for appointment.

Regular Plan Review: 

Regular plan review is for all projects that require more than approximately 15 minutes to review. Digital plan sets shall be submitted and will be forwarded to appropriate city departments for review and approval. The plans are placed in the queue of each respective city department to be reviewed in the order they were received. Please see the digital review submittal link for more information. 


Plan Requirements:

•    Completed plan check application

•    4-sets of complete plans, 2-sets of calculations and Title 24 energy calculations, and 3-sets of soils report (if applicable) are required

•    Plans shall be on minimum 24” x 36”

•    Plans shall be of sufficient clarity to indicate the location, nature and extent of the work proposed

•    Plans shall show in detail that the project will conform to the provisions of the applicable building codes and ordinances

•    For additional requirements, see Plan Check Submittal Requirements for:



 Re-Submittal Requirements:

•    4-sets of revised plans & updated calculations

•    Original plan check markup plan set

•    Written response to plan check comments


The following codes are applicable beginning January 1, 2016:

•    2016 California Building Code (CBC)

•    2016 California Residential Code (CRC)

•    2016 California Mechanical Code (CMC)

•    2016 California Electrical Code (CEC)

•    2016 California Plumbing Code (CPC)

•    2016 California Green Building Standards Code (CGBC)

•    2016 California Energy Efficiency Standards (CEES)

•    City of San Gabriel Municipal Code

•    New Code January 2020

Design Criteria:

•    Climate zone 9

•    Basic Wind speed 110 MPH (Ultimate Design Wind Speed), exposure B

•    Seismic zone D and by a property specific Soils Report (when applicable).


 Where required: An automatic fire extinguishing system or other approved combined system shall be installed in all new occupancies and locations for which any building permit is issued after the effective date of this section.

  Existing Buildings and Structures: All buildings and structures existing as of the effective date of this section, regardless of the type of construction, type of occupancy, or area, shall be provided with an automatic fire extinguishing system conforming to the most current requirements of the California Fire Code, State Fire Marshal regulations, and requirements of the National Fire Protection Association Codes and Standards, upon the occurrence of any of the following conditions:

         (1) Addition(s) to any building creating a total area exceeding 4,000 square feet in floor area between unpierced area separation walls, and in occupancies and locations as set forth in Section 903.2; or

         (2) Additions, alterations or repairs to any building which exceed 25% of the existing square footage of the building, within any 12-month period; or

         (3) Whenever a change in occupancy or use increases the fire hazard to the structure or the life safety of the occupants.

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