Operations Division

Patrol Bureau 


Patrol officers respond to all calls for service from the community. Some of the situations handled daily by patrol officers are: traffic collisions, disturbances, domestic violence incidents, crime reports and checking out suspicious persons and vehicles. Patrol Officers are also responsible for traffic enforcement and preventative policing. As part of a new program by the Chief of Police, all sworn officers are assigned a school in the city where they do frequent check-ins with the students and staff members.

Detective Bureau


The Detective Bureau investigates a wide range of crimes, including crimes against persons, burglary, fraud, identity theft, narcotics violations, juvenile offenses, and a host of others. The Detective Bureau conducts follow-up investigations and prepares cases for court prosecutors to deliver justice to crime victims. The Special Enforcement Team (SET), which focuses on operations such as vice, narcotics, gangs, and surveillance, is also under the Detective Bureau.

Community Engagement Bureau 


School Community Engagement Team (SCET)

In the spirit of community engagement and strengthening collaboration among community stakeholders, the San Gabriel Police Department seeks to partner with the San Gabriel Unified School District and Garvey School District to establish the School/Community Engagement Team (SCET). The SCET concept is a fundamental component of the SGPD’s mission of increasing community engagement and progressively solving problems by incorporating unique community and school tailored outreach programs.

The SCET unit will be comprised of a full-time SGPD Officer, the department’s Community Engagement Officer, and a Police Assistant. The SCET objective will be to support the SGUSD and GSD in their pursuit of educating our children in a safe and engaging environment. SCET will also work to enhance the quality-of-life of the greater San Gabriel community by proactively addressing important concerns and problems as identified by our school district partners, SGPD administration, and the community-at-large.

SCET will collaboratively develop and promote strategies of interest to stakeholders and will support the systemic solutions to proactively address immediate and long-term conditions that give rise to public safety issues in our schools and the community-at­ large. Problem solving techniques may include incorporating strategies to develop and expand crime prevention efforts, develop and expand community justice initiatives, assist in identifying environmental changes that can reduce crime· in or around schools and the community, assisting in developing policies that address crime, and recommending procedural changes to implement those policies.

Mental Evaluation Team (MET)


Providing crisis intervention, mental health referrals, and follow-ups for those not meeting WIC 5150/5585 criteria for a hold. Providing support and resources for individuals and family member(s) who have been diagnosed or may have a mental illness. Example: Safety plans, L.A.H.O.P (Los Angeles Homeless outreach portal) referrals, AOT referrals, etc.  

Traffic Bureau 


The Traffic Bureau investigates all reported traffic collisions that occur in the City. When an initial report is taken at the scene by patrol officers, it is forwarded to the Traffic Bureau for further investigation. The Traffic Bureau also identifies areas in the city where an abnormal amount of collisions and vehicle code violations take place. These areas are evaluated to determine if a change can be made to reduce the number of collisions and violations. The Bureau may also implement heavy traffic enforcement to reduce these collisions and violations. The Traffic Bureau is also responsible for scheduling and deploying of DUI checkpoints and/or DUI saturation patrols.

Other Assignments

K-9 Unit 


K-9 Bentley is a one year old Belgian Malinois from Slovakia and responds to commands in Czech. He is also one of the youngest K-9’s to go through training as a certified apprehension dog. Puente and Bentley have an incredible bond and spend many hours together playing and training everyday. Bentley enjoys playing ball and is very social with everyone, but knows when it’s time to go to work. Puente and Bentley are soon going back to the K-9 academy to train for narcotics detection. His high play drive makes him perfect for his role as a San Gabriel Police K-9.

K-9 Edy is a 3½ year old Belgian Malinois from Kosice Slovakia. Edy earned his SVV1 title in 2017 before being sent to the United States to become a police service dog. Both Barada and Edy will soon go back to the K-9 Academy to be certified in explosives detection in early 2018. When off-duty, Edy gets plenty of exercise by chasing his toy ball and much love by getting his belly rubbed.

Bicycle Team


The San Gabriel Police Department offers a wide variety of special assignments for sworn officers. The San Gabriel Police Department contributes one officer to the AB 109 Task Force and one officer to the Department of Homeland Security. The San Gabriel Police Department also has a Bicycle Response Team that is utilized for community events, crime suppression, and other functional needs. The Department also has a Mental Health Team that is comprised of an Officer and a Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health Clinician. The San Gabriel Police Department also has several Range Masters who ensure Officers are qualified to use their firearms and provides continuous training. In addition, Use of Force Instructors provides continuous training to Officer on defensive tactics and the use of all their defensive equipment such as their Taser, OC spray, Batons, and Hobble devices. This training is to make sure Officers make the right decisions in the field when the use of force is necessary.

T3 Patroller

IMG_0005 (002)

The T3 Patroller electric standup vehicle provides a unique set of features that enable officers to engage the community and respond to situations quickly and effectively. Public events such as festivals, parades and concerts require vehicles that provide a high level of visibility over the crowd. The T3 Patroller brings the versatility needed to stand out in a crowd. These innovative, clean-energy vehicles is a great tool for progressive public safety. The visibility of the T3’s is an effective way to patrol and community policing, which depends on positive relationships with businesses and residents.