Other Assignments

Bicycle Team


The San Gabriel Police Department offers a wide variety of special assignments for sworn officers. The San Gabriel Police Department contributes one officer to the AB 109 Task Force and one officer to the Department of Homeland Security. The San Gabriel Police Department also has a Bicycle Response Team that is utilized for community events, crime suppression, and other functional needs. The Department also has a Mental Health Team that is comprised of an Officer and a Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health Clinician. The San Gabriel Police Department also has several Range Masters who ensure Officers are qualified to use their firearms and provides continuous training. In addition, Use of Force Instructors provides continuous training to Officer on defensive tactics and the use of all their defensive equipment such as their Taser, OC spray, Batons, and Hobble devices. This training is to make sure Officers make the right decisions in the field when the use of force is necessary.

T3 Patroller


The T3 Patroller electric standup vehicle provides a unique set of features that enable officers to engage the community and respond to situations quickly and effectively. Public events such as festivals, parades and concerts require vehicles that provide a high level of visibility over the crowd. The T3 Patroller brings the versatility needed to stand out in a crowd. These innovative, clean-energy vehicles is a great tool for progressive public safety. The visibility of the T3’s is an effective way to patrol and community policing, which depends on positive relationships with businesses and residents.