Community Engagement Bureau


School Community Engagement Team

The San Gabriel Police Department partnered with the San Gabriel Unified School District and Garvey School District and established the School/Community Engagement Team (SCET). The team's mission is to increase community engagement and progressively solve problems by incorporating unique community and school-tailored outreach programs.

The SCET objective will be to support the SGUSD and GSD in their pursuit of educating our children in a safe and engaging environment. SCET will also work to enhance the quality of life of the San Gabriel community by proactively addressing important concerns and problems as identified by our school district partners, SGPD administration, and the community at large.

SCET’s duties include:

  • Addressing ongoing and special problems identified by the various stakeholders arising out of the public/private schools and the community at large as deemed appropriate by the police administration and/or school administration.
  • Proactively engage community stakeholders in identifying community-based problems and collaboratively develop solutions to address them.
  • Serve as the primary liaison between the community and each school district.
  • Participate in the Student Attendance Review Board (SARB) as determined by the Superintendent of the SGUSD or their designee or the Superintendent of the GSD or their designee.
  • Taking the lead in administering and managing the various police department community engagement/crime prevention functions such as Neighborhood Watch, Business Alert, SGPD’s Citizen Academy, National Night Out, etc.

SCET operational guidelines:

  • SCET will work in conjunction with school district officials and School Board Members to identify the best options available for handling sensitive incidents involving members of the school community with the best interest of students and the School District as the primary goal.
  • SCET will remain under the direct operational control and purview of the SGPD.
  • Requests for police service(s)/response(s) involving immediate, priority, or emergency calls-for-service commencing from school campuses serviced by the SGPD will be initiated utilizing the police department’s business phone line or 9-1-1 emergency phone line and will be handled by the Patrol Division via the established protocol.
  • Case derivatives generated from school campuses or the community-at-large incidents requiring additional resources from either the Patrol or Investigation’s Division will remain the responsibility of the respective division and will be processed via the established channels under existing protocols. This will include Suspected Child Abuse Reports (SCAR), crimes on campus, etc.
  • SCET or police administration will determine if incidents arising from school campuses or the community at large are best suited for handling by SCET.
  •  School Board Members will have direct access to SCET as determined by the Superintendent of the SGUSD or their designee or the Superintendent of the Garvey School District or their designee.
  •  SCET will coordinate with department personnel assigned to school(s) under the "Adopt-A-School" program for the purpose of developing solutions to address "on­ going" issues at the respective school(s) site(s) as they arise.
  •  SCET will coordinate the SGPD "Adopt-a-School" activities already underway in both districts

SCET's office is at the SGUSD building.

Dane Woolwine, SCET Officer
Phone: (626) 451-5452 or

Stacy Gutierrez, Crime Prevention Officer
Phone: (626) 451-5455 or