Engineering Division

The Engineering Division is responsible for designing and constructing projects that improve roads, sidewalks, sewers, storm drains, street lighting and traffic signals of the City, collectively known as the public infrastructure. The engineers monitor the condition and quality of all of these systems and, because money for repairs is scarce, they work hard to try to find grants so that much needed improvements can be made.

The Engineering Division is also responsible for reviewing, inspecting, and permitting all projects that are built in the City and interact with the public infrastructure.   

Engineering Contacts

  • Principal Civil Engineer – Szeka "Angela" Cheng (626) 308-2825 Ex. 6007 
  • Senior Civil Engineer – Alan Mai (626) 308-2825 Ex. 6005 
  • Associate Engineer – Charles Lee (626) 308-2825 Ex. 6013
  • Engineering Technician – Laura Castillo (626) 308-2825 Ex. 6004
  • Public Works Inspectors: 
              • Chris Camacho (626) 308-2825 Ex. 6011
              • Ramon Gutierrez (626) 308-2825 Ex. 6012