To all our Neighborhood Watch Members

On behalf of the San Gabriel Police Department, we would like to wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas and a joyous holiday season. Even though this is a special time for celebration and good cheer, it can also be a time when thieves may strike to make you a victim of scams, auto theft, burglary, or robbery. 


Here are a few helpful reminders that can help prevent you from being a target this holiday season: 


  • HIDE GIFTS: To prevent becoming a victim of burglary, it is recommended that gifts not be placed under the Christmas tree, especially if the curtains are to remain open. Close drapes when leaving the house. If possible, wait until Christmas Eve to place the wrapped gifts under the tree.
  • CAR ALERT: Park close to the store and under a light. Be aware of people standing or loitering around. Always lock the car even for short stops. Place purchases in the car's trunk. Before getting into a car, look under the vehicle and in the back seat for potential assailants.
  • DOLLAR SENSE: Never flash money, whether in a store or at an automated teller machine. Put a small amount of cash you intend to spend in one pocket and the bulk of your money in another pocket. Pull out just the small wad when making a purchase.
  • BREAK BOXES: After Christmas, boxes that contained big-ticket items (computers, TV sets, etc.) should be broken down, turned inside out and tied up before they are put out with the trash. If possible, place the boxes inside of the trash can. An intact box tells burglars what was opened in a particular home on Christmas Day.
  • CHILD SAFETY: Children should learn not to give information to people over the phone. They should be taught to lock doors and windows and never let anyone in other than those who have been designated by parents. If a child gets a bike as a gift, he should be taught to lock it. Mark children's valuable new items with a parent's driver's license number.


Remember, joining the Neighborhood Watch Program with your neighbors may be the best deterrent against crime in your area. To arrange a meeting call (626) 451-5455.