Proclamations and Certificates of Recognition

Proclamation 22 - Lung Cancer Awareness Month
2022 Juneteenth Day Proclamation
22 05-03-2022 Police Week Peace Officers Memorial Day Proclamation
22 - National Preservation Month Proclamation
22- Proclamation for Black History Month
Item 2C - Proclamation for Womens History Month
22 Commendation for Older American Award - Florence lin
22 Proclamation for 2022 California Mosquito Awareness Week
Proclamation 22 - United Against Hate
Item 2A - Proclamation for Parks Make Life Better Month

Mayoral Proclamation

Proclamations may be issued to honor or highlight a special period of observance (days, weeks, months), civic celebrations, recognitions of a community, regional, state, or national occasion, or to recommend community actions. The primary purpose of a proclamation is to give special recognition to issues, actions, and/or programs of significance to the residents of the City of San Gabriel. Proclamations are ceremonial and do not carry any legislative or legal value. The primary issuance includes:

  • Events that are historically significant
  • Regional events – local, state and national
  • Recognition of extraordinary achievement
  • 100th Birthday Celebration

Certificate of Recognition

Certificates of Recognition may be issued to individuals, groups, organizations, or businesses connected to the City of San Gabriel for individual or group achievement, exceptional contributions to the San Gabriel community, milestones, or commemorative events or occasions.

  • Community service organizations in San Gabriel
  • Grand opening and milestone anniversaries for businesses in San Gabriel
  • Achievements associated with local schools or organizations
  • Special honors for citizens, military members, or first responders 
  • Eagle Scout/Gold Award
  • Recognition of non-profit organization’s contribution


Commendations may be issued to individuals, City employees, groups, organizations, or businesses for distinguished acts of service, heroism, or major achievements in, or for the people of, San Gabriel. 


The Mayor will not recognize any group whose policies or aims advocate violence, hatred or any other position contrary to the well-being of the citizens of San Gabriel, or the quality of life in San Gabriel. Proclamations will not be issued for any matter with potential political controversy or which may suggest an official City position or a matter under consideration or to be voted upon by the City Council. Proclamations will not be issued for anniversaries or for matters advocating an individual/organization’s ideological beliefs. 

The City may modify, edit, amend or deny any Proclamation, Certificate of Recognition, or Commendation request and shall make the final determination whether the proclamation will be presented at a Council meeting at an event, or mailed to the requester.

Certificate and proclamation requests must be submitted 10 business days in advance. Requests for commendations must be submitted 30 days in advance.

Request for Recognition