Community Camera Program

Welcome to San Gabriel Police Department's Community Safety Cloud Program 

Help create a safer San Gabriel by enrolling in the Community Safety Camera Sharing Program!

Sharing your camera feed enables the San Gabriel Police Department (SGPD) to respond to incidents at your location faster and equip officers with advance knowledge of the situation. It will keep our residents and business owners safer and build closer ties within our community.

Get More Out Of Your Security Camera Investment

  • Our new San Gabriel Safety Program enables you to share live video feeds with the police department in emergencies to improve community safety and police response.
  • Following your free camera registration, you can choose to upgrade your security infrastructure by purchasing a CORE device from Fusus via the SGPD camera registry portal. The CORE device will enable you to stream video to the SGPD once it is installed on your network.
  • Access to your cameras is strictly conditional upon mutual agreement between you and the SGPD. Camera feeds can be configured to be shared all the time, automatically activated by a trigger, or only on emergency alert.
  • There will be no impact to your network the appliance builds a separate tunnel on a secure network to transmit alerts and video.
  • You will gain access to your own cameras, even if they are not currently EDGE based, via the advanced Fusus cloud platform.

Join us in creating a safer community - register your security camera system for free! Visit the San Gabriel Police Department Camera Registry page to learn more about the Community Camera Sharing Program managed by the San Gabriel Police Department.

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