Change of Address Request

Property owners or applicants for construction projects interested in either a new property address or a change to an existing address must fill out the Change of Address Form below. The application fee is $768.  A request for a new address when associated with a new construction project is exempt from the application fee.  Applications for an address for an ADU: ADU's will be assigned a unit letter such as "Unit B."  The main house will be assigned a unit letter such as "Unit A."

Change of Address Form

The application review process takes approximately 5 weeks.  If approved, the applicant is responsible for notifying all utility companies and service providers (See list below).  The city will notify the Postmaster and the LA County Assessor's Office. 

Utility Companies and Service Providers List

Please complete the Change of Address Form and submit the completed form to or via the portal provided below.

Change of Address Portal

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