201-217 S. San Gabriel Blvd.


Project Description: Rubio Village mixed-use developed with three buildings consisting of 225 multi-family residential units and approximately 13,449 square feet of commercial space on an approximately 2.9 acre site. The Project would construct a total of 306,793 square feet with 191,453 square feet of residential uses (including amenities), 13,449 square feet of commercial uses, and above-ground parking. 

Project Location: 201-217 S. San Gabriel Boulevard. Building A would be located north of the Rubio Wash, fronting East Live Oak Street. Building B would be located south of the Rubio Wash fronting Pine Street. Building C would be south of the Rubio Wash fronting South San Gabriel Boulevard.

Public Hearing: A public hearing has not yet been scheduled. A separate notice of public hearing will be circulated pursuant to all applicable City of San Gabriel public noticing requirements once a public hearing has been scheduled.

Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program

Responses to Comments

Notice of Intent

Draft IS/MND

Appendix A (Conceptual Plans)

Appendix B (Air Quality)

Appendix C (Arborist Report)

Appendix D (Addendum Arborist Statement)

Appendix E (Geotechnical)

Appendix F (GHG)

Appendix G (Noise)

Appendix H (Transportation)

Appendix I (AB 52)

Appendix J (Sewer)

Public Review: A public review period will begin on August 24, 2023 and end on September 22, 2023 at 5:00 p.m.

Please contact Planning Manager, Samantha Tewasart in Planning Division at (626) 308-2806 ext. 4623 or via email at stewasart@sgch.org.

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