Permits, Inspections & Applications

Right of Way/Street Closure Encroachments

Engineering Division issues permits for all work in the public right of way. Building Division issues grading permits for grading and drainage improvements shown on plans reviewed by the Engineering Division. Inspections for grading and drainage are conducted and certified by the engineers of record (civil, geotechnical, or land surveyor). A records management fee and an issuance fee are added to the permit fee. If excavation is involved, then a Underground Service Alert (USA) fee is collected also.

Permits are required for right of way encroachment such as awnings and canopies, temporary sidewalk or lane closures, temporary scaffolding and pedestrian protection canopies, and other activities which encroach into the public right of way and which are of a temporary nature. Building fixture and structure encroachments may require an air space agreement, and they are approved on a case-by-case basis.

Utility agencies and other public agencies seeking permits from the City of San Gabriel must contact the Engineering Division to determine permit requirements, permit conditions, and inspections required.


The Public Works Department provides inspections for permits issued by the Engineering Division. Please allow a minimum of two working days in advance for inspections.  For Inspections please call (626) 308-2825 Ex. 6004.

Larger permit projects also require preconstruction (precon) meetings with the Public Works Department. If a precon meeting is required for your permit, then you may not start any work in the public right of way until the meeting has been held.

Transportation Permits

There is a standard permit application to be completed. Engineering Division sends a copy to the Police Department after issuances. See SGMC Sections 8-3.01 to 8-3.13 for details.

The following is a list of truck routes in the City of San Gabriel:

  • Del Mar Avenue from Mission Drive to Las Tunas Drive
  • Las Tunas Drive from Junipero Serra Drive to east city limits
  • Mission Road from west city limits to Junipero Serra Drive
  • San Gabriel Blvd. from south city limits to north city limits
  • Valley Blvd. from east city limits to west city limits

 Industrial area streets:

  • Clary Street
  • Commercial Street
  • Del Rio Avenue
  • Gladys Avenue
  • Grand Avenue
  • Madera Street
  • Main Street
  • Santa Fe Avenue

 Streets that are not truck routes may be used only as designated on the transportation permit.

Transportation Permit Oversize Load Application

Block Party/Temporary Street Closure 

Block parties where temporary street closure is being requested requires a permit.  Additional documents are also required which are detailed in application. 

Block Party/Temporary Street Closure Conditions and Application

Special On-Street Parking Permits

From time to time, residents, visitors, contractors, and service companies have a need to park large vehicles or equipment in the public right of way. Contact the Engineering Division for permits needed for large trucks, trailers, moving vans, moving containers, temporary storage bins, construction equipment, and similar vehicles or equipment.

Large Metal Trash Bin Permits

A permit is required for any bin being placed in the public right of way. Large metal trash bins located on private property completely outside the public right of way do not require a permit. This form may also be used for temporary placement of storage containers or “PODS”-type moving containers.

Roll-Off Trash Bin Permit

Swimming Pool Permits

A miscellaneous permit is issued for draining swimming pools into the public right of way or into the sanitary sewer system. Two hours of inspection time plus issuance fee plus records management fee will be charged for the permit. No more than 10 gallons per minute should be discharged at any time. Discharge over lawn and pervious areas not subject to erosion is encouraged to promote percolation. The applicant must submit a statement that the residual chlorine does not exceed 0.1 mg per L, the pH is between 6.5 and 8.5, the water is free of any coloration, there will be no discharge of filter media, and there will be no discharge of acid cleaning waste.

Newspaper Vending Machines

Newspaper vending machines may not be placed in the public right of way without a permit. When an application for a machine is requested, a sketch and photographs of the proposed area are needed. If machines are found to be illegally placed, then evidence of who owns the machine will be sought from the exterior of the machine or the publication being sold in the machine.

Street Banners that are being requested are required to fill out an application for approval.  Certain conditions for the Street Banner are also required which are detailed in application.  

Street Banner Conditions and Application

Permits From Other Agencies

Projects may affect facilities under the control of another agency. Some examples are:

  • Interstate 10 (San Bernardino Freeway) under the jurisdiction of CALTRANS District 7
  • Flood control facilities under the jurisdiction of the Los Angeles County Flood Control District (Los Angeles County Department of Public Works)
  • Alhambra Wash under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (contact Ted Masigat of the Corps LA Office at (213) 452-3393)
  • County trunk sewers under the jurisdiction of the County Sanitation District

CALTRANS Standards for Permit Projects

Caltrans Standards may be used on permit projects where no Greenbook Plan exists for a specific item or improvement. See the Caltrans website for the latest Caltrans Standard Plans.