Design Guidelines


Welcome to the City of San Gabriel! We want to help you fit plans into our City. In the interest of maintaining and improving the community that brought you to San Gabriel, we are first pleased to present these Design Guidelines for your use.

San Gabriel has a long and rich heritage of architectural and garden design. We value that heritage as seen in our Mission District. The City has begun programs to improve the commercial districts and to increase the street tree plantings throughout San Gabriel, but the core of our city is its neighborhoods of individual houses.

These design guidelines were written to enhance the creative process. We’ve found that the use of a few concise principles and many photographs makes the guidelines interesting and instructive. We hope you continue to bring us your suggestions and questions as we work together.

The City Council has made a commitment to good design, with the realization that each project can be expected to influence our environment for a very long time. We appreciate your efforts to improve your property, and are looking forward to a future of lovingly maintained and improved, walkable neighborhoods that are convenient and desirable places to live.

On September 21, 2010, the City Council approved revisions to the Design Guidelines, along with adopting an Appendix with technical specifications for alternative building materials.