Pool Reservations

Smith Park Pool is available for private party use June through August. Pool reservations are scheduled Saturdays 4-6 pm and Sundays 12-2 pm. Reservations are billed hourly with a 2 hour minimum rental. All reservations are staffed with 2 lifeguards for parties of 50 participants or less. For pool rentals with more than 50 people additional lifeguards will be required. The application approval may take up to two weeks.

Pool Reservation Fees

 Private Party Groups  Non-Profit Organizations  Extra Lifeguards
(Parties over 50 participants)
 $210 for 2 hours  $190 for 2 hours Private       $65+$40 (2 lifeguards)
Non-Profit  $55+$40 (2 lifeguards)

Smith Park Pool Application

For more information, please call Community Services at (626) 308-2875 or email Christina Alatorre.