Volunteer Program

Volunteer Program
The San Gabriel Police Department is a municipal law enforcement agency, organized to promote community safety and security, and to effectively provide emergency services. Recognizing that it must respond to community needs that are dynamic and constantly changing,the Department is committed to meeting those needs through "a Service Oriented" process of planned program development and evaluation. Department personnel are constantly striving to enhance community safety and security, through programs of enforcement,prevention and education, while aware of the need for active volunteer involvement in these efforts.
The contemporary police role requires an extraordinarily high degree of commitment, professionalism, mutual cooperation and impartiality while delivering services. The Department is pledged to the recruitment, training, and retention of talented personnel. These employees are encouraged to develop their skills in a work environment that fosters team participation, the exercising of sound discretion, positive moral,personal and professional growth.


  • Each prospective Volunteer will fill-out an application.

  • Upon review of the applications, prospective volunteer applicants will be invited to an interview with members of the San Gabriel Police Department.

  • The oral interview panel will consist of either two or three ranking members of the Department, or its agents.Applicants will be fingerprinted, a Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) check will be conducted and a proof of auto insurance is required. Fingerprints can take upwards of six weeks to clear the Department of Justice (DOJ). A fingerprint return that is not clear, or omission of information from the application, is grounds for termination of the process.

  • Each applicant will be asked to fill-out a release form giving our background investigator permission to complete a background check.A background investigation will then be initiated. If a release form is not signed, the process will be terminated.

  • Successful applicants will be notified of the next orientation/training classes.

  • All Volunteers will be asked to perform a minimum of 18 hours of service each month.This allows adequate time for training and establishes the individual as a productive civilian Volunteer.

  • A 1-year commitment to the program is requested of each Volunteer.

For more information or to join the Citizen Volunteer Program contact the San Gabriel Police Department
Attention: Sergeant Dan Gosserand 625 South Del Mar Avenue San Gabriel, CA 91776 or E-mail us at: DG145@SGPD.com