For graffiti on private property, the city contracts with a professional graffiti contractor to abate graffiti, who has color-matching capabilities and will respond in 24-48 hours. The contractor also surveys the city and removes graffiti when it is observed. An effort is made to remove vulgar and profane graffiti from private property within two hours of it being reported.

Graffiti in the public right of way is removed by the City’s Public Works Division. Public property consists of city street lights, traffic signs, street signs, directional signs, park facilities and equipment, city buildings, and sidewalks. Graffiti is a crime that can lead to a misdemeanor conviction or a felony conviction.

Reporting Graffiti

To report graffiti on private property, call the City’s Graffiti Hotline at (800) 794-7384. 

To report graffiti on public property such as utility poles and street signs, contact Public Works at (626) 308-2825.

You can also report it online.