How do I open a business in San Gabriel?
The first thing to do if you have a specific location in mind is to check with the Planning Division to make sure the site is properly zoned for the type of business you want to operate.

Generally speaking, if the zoning allows that type of business and it doesn't require a Conditional Use Permit, your next step will be to obtain an application for a business license and occupancy permit from the Finance Department. Fill out this form and bring it to the Planning Division for approval. After you pay the application fees, we will schedule an inspection of your location by the Planning and Building Divisions and the Fire Department.

After successfully passing the inspection, you will be issued your business license and can open for business. To learn more about our business license requirements, open the attachment or contact the Planning Division at (626) 308-2806.
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1. How do I open a business in San Gabriel?
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