How do I get a 12 month, 6 month or temporary overnight parking permit?

You will need to complete an application form, available on our website or at City Hall, listing your name, address, phone number and reason for needing the permit to get a parking permit. If you live in an apartment, the landlord or manager must indicate the number of parking spaces assigned to your unit and sign the application. You must also list all of the vehicles at the household, regardless of how many permits you want. Please email application and registration for all vehicles to Once reviewed and approved you will be contacted for an appointment. Appointments are required to purchase.


  • You must provide the current DMV registrations for all of the vehicles.
  • No permits will be issued for oversized vans, commercial vehicles, or any vehicles with advertising or work equipment on them.

If you would like a one-year permit ($129) or six month permit ($108) all of the registrations must have the current San Gabriel address printed on them. Temporary overnight permits ($4.00 per night) purchased from either of the two machines in town (in front of the police station at 625 S. Del Mar Ave. or in front of the Community Services Building, 250 S. Mission Dr., or online at may be registered at any address.

Temporary overnight parking permits can be purchased in person, 24 hours a day, at vending machines located in front of the Police Department at 625 S. Del Mar Avenue or in front of the Parks and Recreation Building at 250 S. Mission Drive or online for $4.00 per night.

Note, when requesting a temporary parking permit:

  • A .50 cent convenience fee will be added to each on-line transaction.
  • No more than seven nights can be purchased at a time.
Temporary Parking Pass

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