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1. Where is the San Gabriel Police Department located?
2. What telephone number do I call for routine police services?
3. What telephone number do I call for EMERGENCY police response?
4. What are the Police Department business hours?
5. How do I get information about job opportunities as a police officer?
6. Does the Police Department handle calls regarding barking dogs and other animal issues?
7. Does the department have a K9 unit?
8. Is it a violation of City Ordinance to solicit door-to-door?
9. Can I get my fingerprints taken at the San Gabriel Police Department?
10. Does the Police Department offer information regarding registered sex offenders and Megan’s Law?
11. My personal property is being held at the San Gabriel Police Department. How can I get it released?
12. Can I file a police report online?
13. I lost my traffic citation, what do I do?