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Application for use of Picnic Area

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  2. *Parks can be reserved between 8am - 9pm.
  4. Smith Park
    232 West Broadway
  5. Marshall Park
    311 West Marshall Street
    Marshall Area: $80
    Norwood Area: $80
  6. Vincent Lugo Park
    Wells and Ramona
    La Laguna Area: $110
    Sage Area: $80
    Oak Area: $80
  8. In order for the activities and facilities to be enjoyed by everyone, the following basic rules of good conduct must be observed at all city facilities:
    1. All persons or organizations using a facility must abide by all Municipal, State and Federal laws.
    2. The following are regulated by State and Municipal Codes and will be strictly enforced:
    Gambling is prohibited.
    The use or sale of drugs is prohibited.
    3. It is unlawful for any person to possess a burning tobacco product, including but not limited to cigars and cigarettes, to chew tobacco, to dispose of lighted or unlighted cigars or cigarettes or cigarette butts, or any other tobacco product waste, in or upon any city park, trail or walking path, picnic area, sports field, playground, swimming pool or recreation center. This prohibition includes all parking lots for, and sidewalks adjacent to, such facilities. SGMC 125.27
    4. Unruly and disruptive behavior, such as shouting and profanity, is prohibited.
    5. Illegal possession of a weapon or other dangerous devices will result in immediate removal of the possessor from the premises with possible arrest and prosecution. SGMC 99.03
    6. To lead or let loose any animal of any kind, except dogs which are restrained by a leash not over six feet in length is prohibited. SGMC 99.03
    Violation of any rule or regulation may result in the immediate revocation of facility use privileges for an individual or group.

  10. 1. Picnic reservations are not confirmed until applicant receives a copy of their contract from the Community Services Department.
    2. All applications for use of picnic areas must be made by the responsible party involved. The person who signs the application shall be responsible and agrees to accept financial liability for any loss or damage to the park or park equipment resulting from use by the organization/ party which they represent. The extent of the financial liability is the replacement or repair cost incurred by the City of San Gabriel. The applicant will also assume responsibility for the loss of any personal items by the organization/ party and/or members thereof while using City facilities. The City and its employees are not responsible for items left behind, lost or stolen.
    3. Picnic areas are available for rent on weekends, all day until sundown. Please be sure to have your contract with you through the entirety of the reservation.
    4. The City of San Gabriel will take care of the disposal of trash from trash receptacles and general maintenance of the space. However, it is the responsibility of the Renter to remove decorations, trash and debris caused by the use of the area.
    5. It shall be the responsibility of the organization/ party using the park area to ensure that it is left in good condition, as it was upon arrival. The park area must be left in order; the picnic tables, ground around tables, restrooms, and equipment shall be clean and free of debris. Failure to observe this policy shall be considered sufficient cause to prohibit future rentals of the organization/ party.
    6. No equipment shall be removed from the premises. No additional equipment may be brought into City parks. Commercial equipment, animal rides, bounce houses, or automated rides are strictly prohibited.
    7. It is prohibited to bring or set off any firearms, firecrackers, or other fireworks in any park area.
    8. Use of canopies are prohibited at Marshall Park.
    9. Amplification of sound and/ or live music is not permitted in any park area. Radios are permitted when sound does not exceed levels that may disrupt other park users.
    10. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in any park areas.
    11. Refunds will not be granted. All requests to reschedule the reservation date on initial application must be done at least 5 business days prior to the scheduled event date.
    12. On the day of your event, if there are any major problem concerns your picnic shelter reservation you can call the San Gabriel Police Department for assistance at the non-emergency phone number, 626-308-2828.

    ******************************************************FOR OFFICE USE ONLY******************************************************
    Application Approved: _______
    Application Denied: _______
    Director of Community Services_________________________________
  11. I have read the Policies and Guidelines for Picnic Area Rentals and will be present and responsible for their enforcement. I certify that all the above statements are true and correct. I understand that any misstatement or omission of a material fact may be sufficient cause for cancellation of the picnic area. *
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