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Police Explorer Program Application



    Instructions: Accurately and honestly complete the entire application. Include all area and zip codes, apartment, and space numbers, if appliable. Any false statement and/or omission of any information of this application will be grounds for disqualification. A criminal background check will be conducted, including a Live-Scan fingerprint process. Submission of this application is not a guarantee of acceptance. Police Explorers are NOT compensated and are NOT considered employees of the SGPD. Police Explorers are youth volunteers and serve at the discretion of the SGPD and its representatives.   

  2. What social media accounts do you own?
  4. Have you ever been arrested?*
  5. Are you currently on probation?*
  6. Have you ever received a citation?*
  7. Have you ever knowingly ingested (used) recreational drugs? (Ex. Marijuana, Ecstasy, Bath Salts, etc.)? *
  8. Have you ever knowingly (used) prescription drugs not prescribed to you?
  9. Have you ever knowingly consumed alcoholic beverages?*
  10. Do you have any tattoos?*
  11. Do you have any gang affiliations?
  13. Vehicle Information
  14. Do you drive an automobile?*
  15. Employment Information
  16. Have you ever been terminated from your job?*
  17. Have you ever been an Explorer before?
  18. Have you ever been turned down to become an Explorer before?*
  19. If currently enrolled in school, do you have a GPA of 2.0 or higher?*
  20. Can you commit to attending an 18 week basic explorer academy, held every Saturday from 6:30am - 5:00pm?
  21. FAMILY
  22. HEALTH
  23. Do you suffer from any medical or physical disorder?
  24. Have you been hospitalized in the last three years?
  25. Questionnaire
  26. **I attest that the information provided by me is accurate & complete to the best of my knowledge and recollection. I give my authorization to conduct a thorough background check on me (my child), including fingerprint and social media inquiries. I understand that any false information provided by me and/or any omission(s) is grounds for disqualification.**

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