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Property Release Request

  1. Requester Information:
  2. Requesting the following property and evidence item(s): Please be specific and detailed as possible to enable City staff to identify the property and/or evidence item(s). If known, please indicate tag number(s)
  3. Requesting Third Party (Authorized Individual) Pick Up:
  4. I am currently unavailable to pick up property and authorize below named individual to pick up property on my behalf. I understand that a notarized letter is required. By signing below, I do not hold the City of San Gabriel and its employees responsible for claims against any of the item(s) released to the authorized individual.
  5. If I am unavailable to pick up items, I agree to pay for all applicable (shipping and handling) charges for evidence and property items that will be shipped to above address.
  6. Prior to submission, please save a copy of the request.
  7. Printing to PDF allows a copy to be saved. Once you have obtained a copy, please click the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the application and it will automatically transmit the request via email.
  8. A confirmation page will appear after successful submission. If not, please email a copy of the application to to secure submission.
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