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Request an Inspection


    The daily building inspection schedule is available to be viewed at 8:00 AM, Mondays - Fridays, except on weekends and holidays. Schedule is subject to change without notice.

    Inspection request cut-off times:
    4:00 PM - Mondays through Thursdays
    3:00 PM - Fridays

  2. Note:

    Inspections requested through this form will not be assigned on the same day.  Staff will contact you via e-mail or text to schedule the inspection on a specified date and time. 

  3. Please provide the permit number as it appears on your permit.  

  4. This date is subject to staff approval.

  5. Please list the inspections requesting.

  6. Additional Notes:

    Please ensure that the approved plans and the inspection card are on-site during the inspection. The absence of either document may result in delays to your inspection.  Request must be submitted 24-hours in advance.  Inspections are capped on a daily basis, so please plan accordingly.  

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