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Grapevine Arbor


  1. Conference Room
  2. Indoor Dining Facilities
  3. Kitchen
  4. Outdoor Dining Facilities
  5. Public Parking Lot
The Grapevine Arbor’s beautiful Spanish-style architecture and lush garden provide the perfect setting for weddings, receptions, or that very special event. Planted in 1861, the famous Grapevine Arbor gives this picturesque locale its name.

Guests often combine the nearby Padillo Room, Grapevine Room, and Grapevine Park to accommodate the elegance, privacy, and size required for their gathering.

  • 230 (dining)  350 (assembly)
To check availability or to obtain more information about facility rentals send a Reservation Request, or contact Community Services at (626) 308-2875.
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