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1. I lost my traffic citation, what do I do?
2. My personal property is being held at the San Gabriel Police Department. How can I get it released?
3. What are the Police Department business hours?
4. Where is the San Gabriel Police Department located?
5. What telephone number do I call for routine police services?
6. What telephone number do I call for EMERGENCY police response?
7. How do I get information about job opportunities as a police officer?
8. Does the Police Department handle calls regarding barking dogs and other animal issues?
9. Does the department have a K9 unit?
10. Is it a violation of City Ordinance to solicit door-to-door?
11. Can I get my fingerprints taken at the San Gabriel Police Department?
12. Does the Police Department offer information regarding registered sex offenders and Megan’s Law?
13. Can I file a police report online?